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When you first welcomed your pet into your home, it was no doubt with visions of companionship and happiness that would last a lifetime. Part of ensuring your visions remain a reality is providing your pet with the wellness and preventative care that will keep them in good health for years to come. At Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic, we know your pet is a beloved member of the family and strive to treat them with the love and attention they deserve. We achieve this in part by ensuring they receive proper preventative care and regular wellness checks.

Issues that Wellness and Preventative Care can Address

Pets are subject to many of the same health concerns that humans face and wellness visits with our veterinary clinic can help us discern which issues may be a problem in your pet’s future. Conditions such as arthritis, obesity, and chronic allergies can all cause complications and unhappiness for your pet. By discussing these issues with our veterinarians, we can provide you with the care that will keep your pet in its best and most comfortable physical condition. In addition, our staff is prepared to counsel you on the diet, exercise routine, medication, or lifestyle changes that will keep your pet healthy and playful throughout its life. As part of our preventive care, we are also prepared to deal with your pet’s dental health, parasite risks, and vaccination needs. These regular checks will allow us to monitor your pet over time to ensure no problem goes left untreated.

The Importance of Wellness and Preventative Care for Your Pet

Just like you need to schedule regular well checks with your doctor in order to maintain your health, your pets require regular check-ups with our caring veterinarians to keep them strong and active. These regular visits will help us identify any early-stage problems that may be developing with your pet so that they can be properly managed before they become more serious. Health screenings and discussions on any of your concerns can also help you achieve peace of mind in knowing your pet is being well-monitored. Preventive care becomes even more important as your pet ages. Older pets often have needs that require special attention, and our clinic is prepared to help you take the right steps toward optimizing their health with each birthday they celebrate. Since younger pets also require specialized monitoring to ensure proper growth, development, and the absence of any early-life illnesses, preventative care for your young pets is also an important step toward wellness throughout their lives.

At Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and care you need in order to keep your pet in good health. By working together, we can help you enjoy each loving day that you spend with your pet so that you can create a lifetime of memories.

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